Hatch Art Project Videos


TAWAN Wattuya, “A Multitude of Possibilities”

Artist Tawan Wattuya talks about his painting practice and his first solo exhibition at Hatch Art.


LEEROY NEW, “Public Performance: Aliens of Manila in Sg”

Public performance at The Cube at Asia Square, Aliens of Manila in SG features contemporary dancers wearing a series of wearable sculptures by Leeroy New, moving around the public space amongst the lunchtime CBD crowd.


Iqi qoror, “i would prefer not to do anything”

Artist Iqi Qoror talks about his art inspiration and the changes of Singapore art scene.


Naufal abshar, “anti human2020_2065”

Artist Naufal Abshar talks about his inspiration of Posthuman and the technology and art.


Abshar Platisza, “Composed pulse,scripted beat”

Artist Abshar Platisza talks about his art and the future.


Leeroy New, “Colony”

Artist Leeroy New talks about his creative processes of “Colony” and the future of artistic production.


NPAAW, “Beyond”

Balinese artist NPAAW talks about how he uses animal idioms in his painting.


Tan siao xuan, “Vitality of Desire”

Artist Tan Siao Xuan talks about how she uses fabrics to explore her personal notions of desire, sexuality and queer love.


Denver garza, “identity fortress”

Artist Denver Garza draws on his experience as a psychology major and creates unique, layered artworks that reflects the human persona.


nORAH LEA & VIMAL KUMAR, “Mother and son”

Artists Norah Lea and Vimal Kumar talks about their artworks “Mother and Son”.



Artist Leeroy New talks about his "Aliens of Manila" series.


Thong Yoong Onn, “Connecting with Strangers and the Familiar”

Artist Thong Yoong Onn shares his thoughts on his latest artwork "Connecting with Strangers and the Familiar"


Bitto, “Sink In”

Artist Bitto talks about his art how moving and living in contemporary society inspired his work.


Ngoc Nau, “Bright Houses”

Taking inspiration from Vietnam's rich history, Ngoc Nau uses technology to combine old and new art forms to present her works.


Issay Rodriguez, “Dutch marikina”

Discover Issay Rodriguez' unique creative process through her video & installation art ‘Dutch Marikina’ and ‘Marikina Art’.