Iqi Qoror Solo

Iqi postcard RGB.jpg

Do you know who I am?

Because I don’t.

You told me this is my path

This is my job, this is my fam,

You also told me

These are the social media platforms

I have to be on

If I want to be connected to the world

You showed me

The parties and dinners and events

I would have to go to

The clothes I would have to wear

The body type I would have to inhabit

If I wanted to be somebody or fuck somebody

You also showed me love

In movies and TV shows and Buzzfeed listicles

But very rarely irl.

You told me so many things

About living this life

But you never told me about life force

Do you even know what that is

Or are you as fatigued I am

By this world we have created,

Entrenched into each other’s souls

As dictates of post-modern conformity

We cannot seem to break out from or let go.

You distract me with nostalgia and debate over the past

Or you say the future is filled with breakthroughs

And we are living through epochal change

Unprecedented since the industrial revolution

Yet all I feel when I wake every day is inertia

What are these myths of past and future

You keep feeding me

And who are you, society, to know any better?