Deciphering Foods



Food is not simply an object that allows people to continue to live. One famous novel, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland shows how Alice experiences her body’s changes in response to food, and eventually how she confuses herself with it. How can this be related to the world we live in now? We can hardly expect our response to food to cause dramatic changes in our bodies like Alice encounters in Wonderland. Instead, food is a significant social code that enables you to identify yourself within society. But do you think you choose what you eat?

 In contemporary society, we are extremely aware of our body’s appearance: whether it looks nice, slim, well figured, well exercised, all of which we regard as signifying a high level of self-control and good body management. Conversely, an overweight body presents a lack of self-discipline, gluttony, and self-indulgence. This is the same with food consumption: those who are fond of vegetables, organic foods – currently a considerable global trend – are deemed to possess good health management and cardiovascular fitness.

All of these are considerable factors which inform your choices when you go to grocery markets and select foods, by reminding you what are longing for. What kinds of images influence your act of choosing food? Is image that you envisage your own image? Or are the images highly dependent on others’ desire? Or are those images in your mind secretly what others desire? What did you have for your lunch today? Is it really what you choose to eat?